Loss of Profit Following Machinery Breakdown

The policy will indemnify for the loss of profits resulting from the interruption of production or business operations due to loss or damage to machinery, plant or equipment covered under the Machinery Breakdown Policy, including:

  • Gross profit
  • Salaries and wages
  • Audit and other fees
Gross profit
Salaries and wages
Audit and other fees

It is important to remember that such policy only covers the loss due to machinery breakdown, but not the loss of your machinery itself. If you wish to cover the loss of your machinery, you may also purchase Machinery Breakdown Insurance.

Business Interruption Following Fire or Property Damage

business interruption following fire and other perils can be of vital importance to your company. some neglect the consequential loss caused by damage to their production facilities, which temporarily paralyze their business production


Business interruption insurance cannot be purchased as a separate policy, but only as an addition to the fire or property policy of your company.

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